Xeh – Urieknutie [ambient]


Xeh – Urieknutie [ambient]

Xeh – Urieknutie [ambient]

Hello everyone, 8ball55 here. The other day I have just released a new album by my ambient project Xeh. The first album I have released called “Urieknutie” meaning hex in Slovak. The album explores the ambient sounds I have been experimenting. Much different from the noise/industrial album I released under the name Baal.

This one I personally have a great taste too just for it’s warm tone in the beginning and cold concrete sound it transitions near the end. Much like an emotional spectrum. The album starts with an intro and track Araw, meaning sun, expressing a feeling of the warmth of the sun. The tracks then transition to a darker sound which is expressed in tracks like Judas, of Judas Iscariot, and Enigma. This was all recorded on C110 tape as the master. Anyways here is the album on Bandcamp and the download link:

Steam: Bandcamp

MP3: MP3 download

WAV: WAV download


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