New Electronic Album Out and More


New Electronic Album Out and More

New Electronic Album Out and More

Hello all, it’s 8ball55 here. After a long time of being under maintenance we have finally come back here to open up the site. We apologize for all the inconvenience. But we have a special treat coming out. Yesterday I have released my album, “3 AM Walk”. It’s an electronic music album which I recorded and mixed using FL Studio. We have also released a new web page called Danial-Softwares Sound. That is where music will be posted for listening, much like the service that you are all familiar to called Soundcloud. My album, “3 AM Walk”, will be one of the first original music to be uploaded on the site. Also Donation services coming soon, so if you ever feel like donating some money to this company we will have those services available. Anyways we will get back to doing business and doing services, in the comments tell us how you feel about the Danial-Softwares sound service. Thank you all.



3 AM Walk Album:




    • 8ball55

      Thank you Danial.


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